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 Kaguya Kimimaro the live of a kaged bird

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Kaguya Kimimaro the live of a kaged bird   Нед Юли 26, 2009 8:41 pm

Kimimaro was born in the Kaguya clan,a brute breath of people with the amazing ability to manipulate thare bone structure in a way helping them to fight.At early age Kimimaro was kept in a kage becouse he was so talented the entire clan was afraid of him.He was released when the Kaguya clan started a mindless war against the country of the wave (atleast i think it was vs them :D ).The one think that he had stuck in his mind at that point was " Kill everione" After the horible battle Kimimaro was the only one still alive of the kaguya clan.He wondred aimlessly untill he met Orochimaru.Orochimaru was amazed by how far Kimimaros kekegenkai or otherwise sayd bloodline limit goes and took him under his wing with the thoot of useing him as a vessel when the boy reaches a sertain age.To take him with himself Orochimaru fulled Kimimaro's head with lies and bullshit about how the world should be.He send Kimimaro ot various missions to gather test sybjects with unick abilities for his experiments.At one of those missions Kimimaro met Jugo.They became best friends since Kimimaro was the only one who could restrain Jugo from his aimless hunger for killing.Kimimaro took Jugo to Orochimaru...later on Orohimaru took use of Jugo's cursed seal so that he can use it on other people.First was Kimimaro in hope that Jugo's cursed seal can cure Kimimaro's desease.The desease of the Kaguya is told that becouse of the bone manipulation thare bodies are looseing kalcium does makeing them unable to fight moove and live...!At the age of 16 Kimimaro was allready too ill to cure even with the cursed seal,Orochimaru has allready given up on the idea to use him for a vessele.Kimimaro was send on his last mission,to make sure Sasuke Uchiha reaches Orochimaru in time to be his new vessel.Befour he left for the mission the one person he sayd goodbye to was Jugo and told him to think of Sasuke as his reincornation!

Kimimaro left the world of the liveing undefeated...yes undefeated!
Even in his last fight...when he dies,Kimimaro had Naruto,Rock Lee and Gaara beaten and his illness finished him befoure he could kill any of them...

Even though Kimimaro was blindet by Orochimaru's empty promisses and bull crap...he was good at hearth and gentle to the people he cared about.

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Kaguya Kimimaro the live of a kaged bird   Нед Юли 26, 2009 8:58 pm

Еми одобрен си и можеш да пишеш в РПГ. :D


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Kaguya Kimimaro the live of a kaged bird
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